While you are reading this, Ukraine continues to defend against Russian aggression. Calling All to Help

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Lucy Gomeniouk, CPA

Volunteer Coordinator
Volunteer Coordinator
Professional Experience:
20+ years

Lyudmila (Lucy) Gomeniouk, CPA, CIA, CFSA, CISA

Lucy Gomeniouk was born in Kyiv, Ukraine and moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin as a teenager in 1998, leaving several family members and friends in Kyiv.

Lucy has an undergraduate degree in Accounting and Marketing from University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and a master’s degree in Accounting from Lakeland College. Lucy is a career auditor and holds a number of professional designations.

Lucy lives in a suburb of Milwaukee, with her husband, 4 children and two dogs.
When the war in Ukraine began on February 24th, Lucy’s family in Kyiv had to abruptly leave their homes and seek shelter away from the capital. 

In efforts to help those impacted by the war, Lucy partnered with her long-time friend Anya, to organize and facilitate humanitarian help. Lucy speaks English, Russian, as well as Ukrainian. She helps our team coordinate aid with volunteers in Ukraine, including doctors in Kyiv Maternity Hospital №5 as well as other trusted groups.

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