While you are reading this, Ukraine continues to defend against Russian aggression. Calling All to Help

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Iryna Hryshchanka

Iryna Hryshchanka
15 Years

Iryna's Biography

Iryna was born and raised in Minsk, Belarus. She moved to the US 11 years ago and currently lives in Milwaukee, WI. Iryna has 15 years of experience in supply chain, currently a Procurement Manager at Milwaukee based printing company with manufacturing facilities across the nation.

Belarusians, like Iryna, from all over the world stand with Ukraine, don’t support Belarusian government’s endorsement of Russian invasion of Ukraine and staging of Russian troops in Belarus. Within the last two years, thousands of Belarusians have been arrested, tortured, and imprisoned for non-existing political crimes – just for trying to voice their rightful disagreement with the current illegitimate Belarusian president. Hundreds of thousands fled Belarus as refugees, being scared for their lives and seeking freedom – Ukraine became home for a huge number of those people. Belarusians, just like many Russians, refuse to associate themselves with the aggression and have started various initiatives to help our friends in Ukraine.

When Russia invaded Ukraine, Iryna wanted to help and decided to use her connections to create and coordinate our Ukrainain Flag Fundraiser. Proceeds from sales of our Ukrainian flags go to Ukraine relief efforts.