While you are reading this, Ukraine continues to defend against Russian aggression. Calling All to Help

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Bogdan and Sasha

Digital Artists & NFT Creators
Bogdan and Sasha are Ukrainian-Americans, with all of their family living in Ukraine.
2 Years

Bogdan and Sasha Biography

Bogdan and Sasha are Ukrainian-Americans, with all of their family living in Ukraine. Sasha is an artist and Bohdan is a stock market trader.

When Ukraine was invaded, Bogdan and Sasha decided to combine their talents to create the Guardians of Ukraine NFT Collection to support humanitarian aid efforts in Ukraine. 75% of proceeds raised on this NFT collection go directly to our (Help Ukraine Volunteers) digital wallet to support aid efforts. The other 25% is retained as part of the value of the NFT collection.

The Guardians of Ukraine Collection consists of 5,000 NFTs of Ukrainian soldiers with more than 100 hand drawn layers. The collection will also contain 3 different rarities and 5 legendary 1/1 NFTs, which include ETH prizes for mining. Check back for news on NFT public release dates later in April!

Bogdan and Sasha are also building a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), Metaverse game, $token, and they will have airdrops and other benefits for holders. Check their website for more information! 

Volunteer Skills


Sasha and Bogdan this project raises significant funds to help as many people in Ukraine as they can.

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