While you are reading this, Ukraine continues to defend against Russian aggression. Calling All to Help

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Anna Goltsberg

Specializing in portrait photography in Kyiv, Ukraine
13 Years

Anna Goltsberg Biography

Before the war, Anna Golsberg was a Kyiv based photographer who specialized in portrait photography and helped people be themselves. Anna has been in the profession for 13 years, working in the genre of psychological portraits, fashion, and business portraits.

Anna and her family decided not to leave and to help elderly, particularly those who stayed in Kyiv alone, and need their help the most. She and her team of volunteers focus their efforts on supporting those who do not have the physical or financial ability to get groceries and medicine, those who cannot stand in line for a long time and carry heavy packages.

Anna explains that “It is the fact that helping others gives us purpose to get up in the morning. Good deeds charge and bring our victory very close! We believe in her very much!”

Follow Anna on Instagram to see how she’s helping in Kyiv. You can support her by donating to us at Help Ukraine Volunteers or by sending donations directly to her PayPal @anngolt.

Anna hopes that Ukraine wins the war soon so Ukrainians can be safe, start rebuilding, and she can go back to being a photographer. Once the war ends you will once again be able to commission her work by sending her a direct message on Instagram @goltsberg.